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At Endless Summer Beauty Spa, we strive to make the tanning process as simple as possible for you. If you’ve never been airbrushed or want to know more about the experience, please see each step below.


We are located just off Hwy 190 & I-12 on the opposite side of Movie Tavern. If you head down the service road going towards Hood Chevy, you will see Key Health Care. Make a left here, and this is Slemmer Rd. We are the first building on the Left hand side.

at the studio

Once you arrive at our studio, please park in our designated parking area. Once you enter the building the staircase will be on your left and we are located on the second level of the building.


Once you’re inside the studio, you’ll be welcomed by your technician who will speak with you about your desired service, tan color, as well as any questions you have before getting started.


Once your customized color has been selected, your technician will prepare your solution while you get ready for your tan. *You can keep your undergarments on during VersaSpa tan or Airbrush tan. That is totally up to you!


Once you’re ready, you will be guided step by step through a series of simple poses, and will be done with your session in less than 15 minutes.

After the spray tan is complete, we will air dry you off.  If purchased, you will be dusted with our organic finishing powder that beautifully sets the solution, and you’ll be able to re-dress.


Payment will be completed at the end of the session.

*We accept cash and credit


You will be able to enjoy your tan for the next 7-10 days! To get the most out of your tan, make sure to moisturize at night and in the morning.

Booking your next appointment:

When you’re ready to schedule your next appointment, we can book your appointment while you’re in the studio, or you can book online.

See you next time!

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